Corner Stones of quality management at Bayernwald


Bayernwald Fruechteverwertung KG looks back at a traditional company history of more than 90 years producing semi-finished goods for the food industry. NFC juices, juice concentrates, purees, purees concentrates from over 40 different fruits are tailored to meet high standards and the needs of our customers for their defined applications.

Product quality is substantial and active environmental protection within the company during production is our goal: We aim to be leaders in this respect and prove to ourselves and to others that practising environmental protection and sound economics do not exclude each other.

The quality management system at Bayernwald includes but is not limited to the following corner stones:

  • Our customers are enthusiastic about the frankness and transparency in cooperation, we have the confidence of the customer; also in difficult situations, we cooperate as partners;
  • for our customers we are the best in the industry by having a balanced price structure,  know-how, constant orientation in the market place, critical self-analysis, actual knowledge of the raw material markets;
  • long lasting partnerships with competent raw material suppliers based on performance and fairness;
  • we avoid unnecessary work by a clear organisation and documented work flows and are able through a close unbureaucratic internal coordination to best use free capacities;
  • we have a motivated and competent staff ready to respond to our customers’ requests;
  • we update our knowledge about respective laws and norms valid for us and our customers to identify and minimise possible liability risks; full traceability back to the raw material is important for this task;
  • nervertheless, should mistakes occur, we eliminate their sources to avoid a repetition and thus are reducing claims from the start

We are proud of our achievements but are very well aware that the certificate itself is just the starting point of living the quality idea at all times. Quality refers to every single employee and thus the entire company. It will remain a challenge for the future to support the quality awareness of every single employee. Our company’s success depends on the quality of our work.

We will continue to orientate to the increasing demands of the market and regard suggestions from our customers as an important and welcome support to achieve this goal!

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